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OFW rape victim in Saudi dies

A party-list congressman yesterday called for stronger measures to protect Filipino domestic workers in Saudi Arabia after confirming the death of overseas Filipino worker Irma Avila Edloy, a rape victim who was brought for treatment at the King Salman Hospital in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

ACTS OFW party-list Rep. John Bertiz reported that Edloy died a few days after suffering a heart attack while being treated of serious injuries she suffered from the rape incident.

The lawmaker noted that the 35-year-old rape victim suffered cardiac arrest shortly after her Saudi employer visited her at the hospital.

Bertiz, a member of the joint Department of Foreign Affairs-Department of Labor and Employment crisis team sent to Saudi Arabia to assist stranded OFWs, called for an investigation of the male employer, noting that his involvement in the crime is not improbable.

“The OFW had a heart attack immediately after seeing her Saudi employer at the hospital. We cannot discount the possibility that her employer may be involved,” Bertiz said. (Ben R. Rosario)