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Omran’s brother dies from wounds in attack

BEIRUT, Lebanon – The older brother of the little Syrian boy who was pictured sitting in an ambulance dazed and covered in blood after an air strike died Saturday from wounds sustained in the attack on the family’s apartment, a monitoring group said.

“Ali, aged 10, succumbed to his injuries. He was badly wounded in the same bombardment as Omran on August 17 in Aleppo,” the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.

The haunting images of four-year-old Omran, sitting in an ambulance after the attack, his face, arms, and legs caked in blood and dust, have reverberated around the world, becoming a symbol for the suffering of children in Syria’s brutal five-year conflict.

In video footage from the incident, Omran is seen quietly staring into space before raising his arms to touch his bloodied forehead, then looking at his hand and wiping it on the orange seat.

Omran, his siblings, and parents were all plucked from the rubble wounded, but alive, following Wednesday’s bombing on the Qaterji neighborhood in rebel-held east Aleppo. (AFP)