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Beauty of alternative medicine


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These days, people are so focused on finding out more about alternative medicine. How they have significantly made an impact on people’s lives the past few years.

Aside from being effective, people claim it isn’t as costly as western medicine, the ones we have been accustomed to consume.

According to John Hopkins University, more than 40 percent of Americans are already using various therapies under alternative medicine.

Alternative medicine (or complimentary medicine) is defined as an integrated approach to healing. These include intervention such as remedies, reflexology, and nutritional supplements.

Sara Calabro of Everyday Health Organization defined the basic principle of alternative medicine. The basic principle behind many kinds of alternative medicine, she said, is balance.

Everyday health organization released pros and cons of considering alternative medicine. You can check their website at: everydayhealth.com.

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Here are the pros and cons of alternative medicine.

Pros – Alternative medicine is a whole person treatment. Most forms of alternative medicine emphasize whole body care. Practitioner addresses not only the physical aspects but also the patient’s emotional stability.

Patients availing of alternative medicine usually get personal attention, with emphasis on body caring.

Lastly, it focuses on prevention, not cure. As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.

Cons – Alternative medicine has limited scientific research and body of evidence to support its effectiveness claims.

With this, alternative or traditional – it still falls into one goal; to prevent or cure illness. What’s really important is to stay healthy and alive.

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TRIVIA PA MORE (Various sources): According to the Vatican, you can reduce the time you spend in purgatory by following the pope on Twitter.

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Twitter is more addictive than cigarettes and alcohol, according to a study.

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Babies are born with no bacteria in their bodies.

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Parents of new babies miss out on 6 months worth of sleep in the first 2 years of their child’s life.

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A woman from Michigan gave birth to her babies on 8/8/8, 9/9/9, and 10/10/10.

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More than 100,000 babies are born addicted to cocaine each year in the US, due to their mothers’ use of the drug during pregnancy.

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