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130 lawmen test positive for shabu

One-hundred thirty policemen are in danger of losing their jobs after testing positive for shabu in the mandatory drug test conducted by the Philippine National Police.

Chief Supt. Emmanuel Aranas, head of the PNP Crime Laboratory, said 130 among 99,598 policemen subjected to the drug test tested positive for shabu.

“This 130 were confirmed for shabu,” said Aranas in a press briefing in Camp Crame, Quezon City.

Aranas said the policemen who tested positive have ranks ranging from Police Officer 1 to Chief Inspector.

He said the policemen who tested positive for illegal drug use came from various regions. Aranas said there is no pattern so far which region has the highest number of those who tested positive.

Director General Ronald M. dela Rosa, PNP chief, had ordered a mandatory drug test for all uniformed personnel of the PNP as part of its internal cleansing against illegal drugs.

He even appealed to President Duterte to shoulder a portion of the cost of the drug test for 160,000 policemen that costs R300 each.

Aranas said they would submit the names of policemen who tested positive to Dela Rosa.

“We just give the result, it is up to the regional offices or Internal Affairs Service for the next course of action,” said Aranas.

Aranas said this is the first time that a huge number of policemen tested positive for illegal drugs.

He said this is due to the large number of cops subjected to drug test unlike before that the drug test was just random and would only select a few policemen.

Dela Rosa has promised to cleanse the PNP of misfits, especially those involved in illegal drugs operations in the country.

Many tested negative but were found to be involved in recycling drugs and protecting drug syndicates. They were sent to Mindanao and other conflict-torn areas in the country as punishment. (AARON B. RECUENCO)