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Brothers, sisters

Joey Marquez

HEARTBREAKING – The plight of this former sex symbol is, indeed, heartbreaking. She is so hooked on drugs that she’s seen roaming the streets dazed and bewildered. What happened when she used to be sober and sane, happy and intelligent? Seems she started getting addicted to drugs when her career went downhill.

Then there was this sex symbol who became a “palaboy” when she got sick, eventually dying alone. Thanks to kind neighbors she was given a decent burial. And there’s this beauty queen who ended up a market vendor, nabbed for drug-pushing. Hopefully she can recover as at her peak she was such a nice lady.

Well, the rise and fall of the late Didith Reyes is public knowledge.

BROTHERS, SISTERS – Let’s focus on siblings in showbiz. Brothers & sisters, be they full on half. With some notes here and there.

Former Parañaque Mayor Joey Marquez and former Miss International Melanie Marquez. When Joey was misunderstood, Melanie came to his defense. “Do not judge my brother, he is not a book.” And when brother and sister were accused of being quarrelsome, Melanie declared, “We are not fighters, we are lovers.”

The late Ramil Rodriguez and Pepito, both of Stars ’66 fame. Aside from Ramil, three other Stars ’66 members are gone: Loretta Marquez, Dindo Fernando, and Edgar Salcedo. Only Gina Pareño’s active in showbiz. Pepito’s retired, while Rosemarie Sonora, Blanca Gomez, Shirley Moreno, and Bert Leroy are based in the US.

ROMMEL & ROBIN PADILLA – Rommel is father to Daniel, while Robin is father to Kylie. Also a sibling is BB Gandanghari (the “late” Rustom Padilla).

Daniel’s mother is Karla Estrada; Kylie’s mother is Liezl Sicangco.

Former Miss Universe Gloria Diaz and the late Rio Diaz (Mutya ng Pilipinas). Rio was much admired for her courage to live and kind heart, helping and consoling other cancer victims.

Ara Mina and Cristine Reyes, feuding and then reconciling, as most sisters do. Old timers compare them to Hollywood actresses and sisters Joan Fontaine and Olivia de Havilland, engaged in a long-lasting feud. But when Olivia got sick and was in need of financial assistance, Joan came to her rescue.

LOVING SISTERS – They include:

Janice and Gelli de Belen, the former still looking for Mr. Right, but the latter has found one, Ariel Rivera.

Half-Italians Assunta and Alessandra de Rossi. Assunta’s married to billionaire Jules Ledesma, former congressman from Negros. Alessandra is “negotiable.”

Toni and Alex Gonzaga. Toni will soon be a mother (Mrs. Paul Soriano). Alex is currently single.

Lotlot and Matet de Leon. Very supportive of each other – and brothers Ian, Kiko, Kenneth.

Half-Australians Anne Curtis and Jasmine Curtis-Smith. The popular Anne is happy for Jasmine’s success, said to be the better actress.