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Mayors’ League, prosecutors group trade drug charges

BALANGA CITY, Bataan – The Bataan Mayors’ League and the Prosecutors’ head traded charges of illegal drugs raps that has reportedly led to the dismissals of drug cases as well as the proliferation of illegal drugs in their province.

The Mayors’ League passed a strongly-worded resolution condemning the alleged ‘massive corruption’ at the Prosecution office in Bataan, prompting the prosecution group to rebut the accusation.

“I will fight them back because there is no such corruption in our office and it is them who are harboring apprehended illegal drug pushers and ushers,” said a visibly-irked Angelito Lumabas, Chief of the Prosecution in Bataan.

A veteran prosecutor who is set to retire next year, Lumabas challenged the mayors to prove their allegation and come out in the open to know who is telling the truth.

“Sila nga tong umaalbor ng mga nahuhuling pusher at user e; lalabanan ko sila, di ako natatakot sa kanila dahil wala naman akong ginagawang masama dito,” said Lumabas.

Mayors’ League President Gila Garcia however urged her fellow local executives to show their evidence that will prove their group’s charges.

Mayors Antonio Raymundo of Orion town and Lilvir Roque of Limay town, vowed to present their witnesses against the prosecutors, saying they have witnesses who could testify against the prosecutors.

Both Raymundo and Roque claimed they have received a lot of complaints from their constituents about the alleged “fixing” of cases at the Prosecutions’ office, resulting to the dismissals of drug cases.

Lumabas however insists that dismissals of other illegal drug cases were attributed to the weak filing of cases by the police.

“Blame these mayors and other policemen who are not preparing strong cases, not ours because they are the ones harboring these illegal drug pushers and ushers,” said Lumabas. (Mar T. Supnad)