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Scania enters local bus market

Scania, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of trucks and buses, launched Scania Marcopolo to improve travel by bus.

Possessing a superbly engineered exterior and a quality interior, the Scania Marcopolo is fitted with luxurious leather seats and extensive noise insulation, ensuring first class passenger comfort at all stages of the journey.

Adding to the excellent design of the coach is Scania’s fully engineered chassis that customers recognise and trust.

Scania’s chassis is not only renowned for its outstanding operating economy, it also benefits from Scania’s legendary comfort, safety, and reliability credentials.

Standard features include full air-suspension for exceptional comfort; Electronic Braking System (EBS) that greatly enhances stability in all conditions and eliminates much of the unnecessary stress associated with emergency stops; Traction Control (TC) to improve traffic safety and mobility in slippery roads and Bodywork information in Instrument Cluster (ICL).

“Scania buses and coaches are inspired by the people who travel in them and those who drive them. We’re dedicated to creating vehicles that provide the best results possible, whether that’s happy passengers on the daily commute or profitable solutions for fleet managers,” said Marie Sjodin Enstrom, managing director of Scania Southeast Asia.