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De Lima tagged in NBP drug matrix

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President Duterte has released a matrix that showed personalities led by Sen. Leila M. de Lima allegedly involved in the illegal drugs trade inside the New Bilibid Prisons in Muntinlupa City.

Also in the matrix that the Chief Executive released yesterday in Davao City are former Justice Undersecretary Francisco “Toti” Baraan III, former Pangasinan Gov. now Rep. Amado Espino, former Bureau of Corrections chief Franklin Bucayo, the neophyte senator’s alleged ex-lover, Ronnie Dayan; Pangasinan provincial administrator Raffy Baraan, and Pangasinan provincial board member Raul Sison. Espino and Bucayo are both former police officials.

The matrix only showed how the personalities are connected to each other.

It starts with the senator, with an arrow pointing to Dayan, the alleged boyfriend of De Lima since her days at the Commission on Human Rights. Dayan, who started as De Lima’s driver, is now known as “Boss De Lima” or “case fixer” in Urbiztondo, Pangasinan. He also “received a monthly payola from Gen. Bucayo through SPO1 Palisoc of the Police Regional Office 1 (Ilocos).

The matrix tagged Dayan as a “known drug user in Urbiztondo” and whom “De Lima gave a house and lot, Montero, Kia Sedan, money, and employed Jonathan Cardeso Caranto at DoJ upon recommendation of Ronnie.”

Dayan was also described as “married” and “is frequently seen inside cockpit areas in Pangasinan.” He also “used Ms. Cardenosa, an employee of LGU Urbiztondo as dummy of all (his) properties.”

Another arrow goes down to the name of Toti Baraan, the “trusted Usec of De Lima” and “in charge as supervisor of BuCor.” From Baraan, the arrow then points to Bucayo, “who was designated Philippine National Police regional director of PRO1 thru the help of De Lima. After retirement, he was appointed BuCor chief,” but “resigned because of his alleged involvement (in) illegal drugs (activities) inside BuCor.”

The arrow goes down to Espino, who is facing charges for plunder. He is out on bail for an illegal mining case.

Espino is said to be “involved in black sand mining, quarrying, and jueteng.” And “according to BM Raul Sison, Gov. Espino is the richest politician in the Northern Luzon,” having “amassed unexplained wealth.”

Before he released the matrix, Duterte had said that a governor, who is a friend, is among those linked to the drug trade in NBP. “There is also a governor… he’s my friend. I could not believe it but nandiyan siya sa revelation,” said Duterte in previous statements apparently referring to Espino.

As for Raffy Baraan, the matrix indicates that he is a brother of Undersecretary Baraan and “a loyal follower of Espino.” He was designated as provincial administrator but was “dismissed by (the) Ombudsman because of black sand mining and quarrying.”

“He was used by Espino to cover all illegal activities” and “he knew about all illegal activities of Espino,” according to the matrix. (ELENA L. ABEN)

  • Peter

    Judgement Day has finally arrive. They, especially Delima, committed several of the 7 deadly sins: LUST, GREED, PRIDE, ENVY, GLUTTONY. ///BURN IN HELL YOU PARASITES!!!!!