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‘Love affair’ with showbiz press

MOTHER Lily Monteverde

‘LOVE AFFAIR’ – “They (showbiz writers/reporters) are Regal’s unsung heroes. They are very dear to me and I treasure them so much because they have helped me and Regal through thick and thin. I owe a big part of my success to the showbiz press that’s why I love them with all my heart.”

That’s Mother Lily Monteverde speaking on her 77th birthday last Aug. 19, dedicating her party to the showbiz press, represented by the presidents of PMPC (Fernan de Guzman), Enpress (Jun Nardo), and SEED (Isah Red).

Well, stars and other cinema names come and go, but the showbiz press stays with Mother Lily, the kindest and most generous producer, bar none.

The “love affair” of Mother Lily with the showbiz press is here to stay.

Spotted at the birthday held at the Valencia Events Place were, among others, entertainment media institutions Ethel Ramos, Ricky Lo, Nora Calderon, Veronica Samio, Ian Fariñas, Dondon Sermino, Len Llanes, Mario Dumaual, Lhar Santiago, Jeff Fernando, Ricky Calderon, MJ Marfori, Salve Asis, Gorgy Rula, Aster Arroyo, Jobert Sucaldito.

Lolit Solis gave a loving tribute via video, at once funny and touching.

GUEST LIST – Needless to say the high and the mighty – in a manner of speaking – were around. Susan Roces and daughter Sen. Grace Poe, Sens. Loren Legarda and Dick Gordon, Rica Maceda, Malou Choa-Fagar, new Regal Babies, directors Joel Lamangan, Mel Chionglo, Joey Reyes, and Chito Roño, wrestler Brandon Vera, taipans.

Mowelfund head Boots Anson-Roa Rodrigo presented Mother Lily a plaque of appreciation. In turn, the lady producer pledge R1 million to Mowelfund, whose members are mostly small movie workers. “In post-dated checks,” Mother Lily joked. Boots was visibly “stunned” saying, “Mother Lily has always been a supporter.”

Musical members were provided by Derrick Monasterio, Coro Tomasino, stand-up comedian Atak, and a band. Ai-Ai de las Alas emceed the brief program.

Helping Mother Lily entertain the guests were children Roselle, Meme, and Dondon, husband Father Remy, daughter-in-law Grace, and other family members.