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Phoemela focuses on PR firm, raising daughter

TOP model-television host Phoemela Baranda has said that she is going digital these days as she focuses on her social media public relations company.

“I’m still acting and hosting several events. But I am going digital now. I am focusing on my social media PR company,” said Baranda, after she hosted the launch of Acer quality DLP projectors with models: ES-12 and the newest X117H at SM North EDSA in Quezon City last Monday.

Despite getting busy with her PR firm, the 35-year-old actress said that she is not resting from show business.

These days, she currently hosts the showbiz-oriented program “Ano’ng Ganap?” on Viva Channel. In September, Baranda will also be featured in the new TV series called “Wives of House No. 2” alongside Antoinette Taus, Sarah Pagcalinawan, and Katya Santos. It will be seen exclusively on Sari-Sari Channel.

Baranda is one of the country’s top fashion models before she joined showbiz in year 2000. She has graced the covers of fashion magazines and walked the runways in prestigious fashion events. She has also done several movies and appeared in teleseryes.

In 2013, Baranda confessed that she had a daughter – a secret which she kept for 15 years. Baranda said then that she got pregnant with Nichole at the height of her popularity as a model. It was her mother who urged her to hide her condition.

On the fourth month of her pregnancy, Baranda went to the US. The fashion model said that her mother disapproved of her boyfriend. Up to now, Baranda has not revealed the identity of Nichole’s father.

While Nichole was growing up, Baranda then would tell her daughter that she was an aunt and later her sister.

When Nichole reached 11 years old in 2009, Baranda finally told her the truth, after her mother passed away.

Baranda said that she decided to reveal the truth to the public because “I owe it to her, to our relatives, and my close friends for lying to them.”

Asked about Nichole these days, Baranda said: “Nichole is in first year college now. I want her to focus on her studies and she’s starting to blog.”

Nichole later joined “Pinoy Big Brother: All In” on ABS-CBN in 2014. Actor Daniel Matsunaga won in that edition.

Baranda’s daughter is turning 18 this year. She refused to reveal her gift to her daughter but she already have one, she said.

The fashion icon said that she will guide and support her daughter all the way. “I’ll just guide her all the time – because know she knows what she is doing.”