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Duterte rebukes Sereno once more


President Duterte assured the public on Friday that he will never allow anarchy under his watch.

Duterte lashed out once again at Chief Justice Maria Lourdes P.A. Sereno after she cautioned judges tagged by the President in the illegal drugs trade not to surrender to the police sans any warrant of arrest.

Speaking before soldiers during the 10th anniversary celebration of the Armed Forces of the Philippines Eastern Mindanao Command in Panacan, Davao City, the Chief Executive said Sereno is “promoting anarchy” by making a “very dangerous” pronouncement.

“Madam Justice, you are again wrong when you said, ‘do not allow yourself to be arrested if there is no warrant.’ Dagdagan mo ang patay niyan,” said the President.

According to Duterte, it will be because of this line of thinking that the country will indeed fall into a state of anarchy. “It is a very dangerous statement. You will promote anarchy. There is no anarchy under my watch,” he added.

“Ma’am I’m sorry, but do not give such statement,” said the President, who is also a lawyer and former prosecutor.

He cited several instances when an arrest even without a warrant can be effected. He said this can be done when a person is committing a crime in his presence, when a crime is about to be committed, or when a crime is in fact has been committed and he has direct knowledge that the person to be arrested has committed the criminal act.

In his speech, the President also underscored the success of his campaign against drugs and criminality. “Ma’am sabi mo you are afraid of this country sliding to anarchy. At no other time ang streets ng Manila are almost rid of criminals,” Duterte said as he challenged Sereno to walk on the streets of the metropolis “and find out” for herself. (Elena L. Aben)