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Philpost launches privilege card

The Philippine Postal Corporation (Philpost) recently launched its privilege card aimed at giving its customers freebies and discounts from various partners.

By simply presenting their Postal IDs, Philpost customers can avail of freebies and discounts from partner merchants such as Flying V, Automatic Centre, and even leisure parks and resorts like Ocean Adventure and Camayan Beach Resort and Hotel. Discounts and freebies include 10% off on Ocean Adventure’s admission fee and encounter programs (Beach Encounter, Swim with Dolphins, etc.), 10% discount on Camayan Beach Resort and Hotel’s Deluxe and Superior rooms, Php 1.00 discount per liter in gasoline or diesel from Flying V, 10-15% discounts from Derm Magic, Fresh Salon and Spa, Fresh Touch Spa and many more.

The privilege program was created in PHLPost’s commitment of upgrading the standards of government-issued IDs that will protect the client’s identity and prevent fraudulent transactions.

The improved Postal ID is now also infused with physical and biometrics-based security features. For updates, visit the Postal ID website (www.postalidph.com) and social media accounts at Facebook (newpostalid), Twitter (@PostaLiD) and Instagram (newpostalid).