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Robin’s appeal, Rommel’s advice

Robin and Rommel

BRAVO MEN – No other actors could be more apt to endorse Bravo, food supplement for men. Am referring to macho brothers Rommel and Robin Padilla, “billed” according to age. Rommel’s in his 50s and Robin’s in his mid-40s, but they act and feel as if they’re only in their 30s.

But more than that, Robin and Rommel have mellowed with age and experience, including stints behind bars. From self-confessed bad boys to good boys – mature and responsible family men.

Bravo Rommel and Robin!

APPEAL – At the Bravo presscon, Robin appealed to President Duterte and Gen. Ronald “Bato” de la Rosa not to humiliate in public celebrities who are suspected to be drug users. Yes, there are, can’t be denied.

But he believes a more effective way is talking to them, heart to heart, brother to brother, sister to sister, parent to child.

Perhaps, Robin could be of help to President Duterte and General De la Rosa in his capacity as a private citizen. He isn’t interested in joining the government even if he campaigned for the President.

Yes, he is no longer a ladies’ man, faithful to wife Mariel Rodriguez, who’s giving birth soon in the US.

ADVICE – Rommel has wise advice to son Daniel Padilla. Which is to stick to one woman, be faithful to her.

Look who’s talking!

As earlier noted, Rommel had his wild days – and he’s the first to admit that. He does not want Daniel or any of his children to go through what he went through.

Like Robin, Rommel is now a faithful husband.

FROM HE TO SHE – Legally that is. BB Gandanghari has asked a US court to change his status from male to female, and his name from Rustom Padilla to Binibini Gandanghari. BB is a US resident.

Well, Rommel and Robin and other Padilla’s have long ago accepted BB’s decision to live like a woman.

No matter what, BB is blood… and nothing but nothing can change that.

  • Idol

    Talaga namang magiging loyal yan si daniella padilla.
    Asa pa?
    Naku, pa-count niyo muna chromosomes nyan, bago ninyo sabihing barako yan!