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In Cebu, they call it ‘Oplan Pokemon’

CEBU CITY – The Cebu City Police Office (CCPO) has launched its own drive against illegal drugs that is seemingly inspired by the success of ‘Oplan Tokhang’ and the popularity of the mobile phone application Pokemon Go.

Labeled as ‘Oplan Pokemon’, the CCPO marked its first operation Monday with a convoy of patrol cars and hearse which traversed Barangays Suba and Hipodromo while a choir of police officers sang anti-drug jingles, one of which was made to the tune of Yoyoy Villame’s popular novelty song, Philippine Geography.

Just like the popular mobile phone app game, where players go to places to catch Pokemon monsters, Oplan Pokemon also calls for the local police to go to different areas to look for those involved in the illegal drugs trade.

Police Superintendent Cheryl Boniao, of the Police Community Relations said the activity serves as an avenue of cooperation between the police and the community as well as a call for drug suspects to change.

She added that they have to tag along funeral cars as warning to drug suspects that would end up in the hearse if they continue their illegal activities.

Meantime, the Liloan Municipal Government launched its own anti-illegal drugs campaign via ‘Operation Second Chance Program’.

The program aims to help some 1,260 persons, so far, who have surrendered and promised to give up illegal drugs.

Participants will receive livelihood training and possible job placements to help them recover and change their lives. (Mars W. Mosqueda, Jr.)