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Duterte won’t be a Marcos

Becoming a dictator is the farthest thing on the mind of President Duterte.

The President insisted that he does not intend to be the next Ferdinand Marcos, saying he is merely doing his duty to protect and defend the nation.

“Wala akong balak na maging diktador. Abogado ako. Ang nanay ko Yellow Friday leader sa Davao. Sasabihin nila, mag-Marcos. Far from it,” Duterte said in his remarks before overseas Filipino workers repatriated from Saudi Arabia at the Manila airport. “I am just doing my duty or else I will compromise the next generation,” he added.

Duterte assured the returning Filipino workers that he is determined to finish the drug problem, saying no other leader could attain such objective other than him.

He admitted that the country may become a “failed state” if the government does not immediately address the enormous drug problem. (Genalyn D. Kabiling)