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Police deny Odicta rubout

The Philippine National Police (PNP) denied insinuations that suspected drug lord Melvin Odicta and his wife Meriam were victims of police rubout after the couple were gunned dow in a port in Aklan on Monday.

Chief Supt. Dionardo Carlos, director of the Western Visayas regional police said local policemen who were manning the Caticlan port at the time of the incident were not familiar with the identity of the couple.

One of the lawyers of the Odictas claim that he saw Melvin was still alive when being led by the policemen out of the port. Melvin was reportedly handcuffed during that time.

“The issue pertaining the alleged handcuffing of the first responders to the victim particularly Mr. Odicta, stating is not true, because they were not the suspects on the said incident at all,” said Jamili.

Meanwhile, members of the Philippine National Police Special Investigation Task Force (SITG) “Odicta”, led by PRO 6 Acting Regional Director PCSupt Jose Gentiles, conducts the re-enactment today to investigate further the killing of the controversial couple.

Together with Aklan PPO Acting Provincial Director PSSupt John Mitchell Jamili, PCSupt Gentilles personally proceed to the actual crime scene to supervise the investigation being conducted by the members of SITG “Odicta” as they are integrating all efforts being done by investigators from different units.

The said SITG was created to conduct in-depth investigation for the possible identification and arrest of the suspects and to immediately file the necessary case in court.

At the same time, PRO 6 Acting Regional Director PCSupt Gentilles extended their deepest sympathy to the bereaved family and condemns the shooting incident resulting to the death of the couple.

PRO 6 believed that one of the possible motives of killing the victims were because of the alleged disclosure of the list of drug personalities in the region which both of the victims divulged to the Secretary of Interior and Local Government (SILG), Mike Sueno.

The Odictas’ legal counsel Atty. Raymond Fortun said the couple did not submit ay matrix to Sueno and to the police during their visit at Camp Crame.

The Region’s top cop also noted that aside from the said motives, other possible masterminds in Panay Island are afraid that their past association to the victims will bring harm to them.

“PRO 6 values the life of every individual and respect human rights and due process of law. We appeal to the public who has a direct knowledge of the incident to come out in the open and help our investigation so that justice will prevail” said Gentilles. (AARON RECUENCO)