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Dog eases autistic boy’s condition

Dog and Boy

Starting today, I am launching a series of human interest stories about dogs. How we love them, and how they love us back.

I myself care for a pack of dogs, and one of the best traits they have that I can attest to is their unconditional love for their master, not to mention their deep sense of loyalty.

Recently, I read about a mother narrating her own story. Her son, Joey was born with autism. He found it hard to communicate with other people and could not understand the concept of language.

Joey, then 13, had difficulty making friends. He could not even show love for his mother.

A family friend suggested that they assign him a dog to care for. Joey himself asked for a dog to ease his loneliness. Seemingly overnight, Joey’s attitude changed.

Joey welcomed a pit bull whom they called Roxy, who turned out to be very sweet.

Roxy was all of sixty pounds when they adopted him from the Northeast Valley Animal Care Center in California.

Immediately, owner and pet developed instant chemistry. Roxy showed the unconditional love of a pet to his master.

With Roxy around him, Joey now started to play sports and make friends with people.

Amanda says the boy has also learned how to show his love for his mother by hugging and kissing her.

(Reference: amazinganimalstories.com)

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TRIVIA PA MORE (Various Sources): Germany, Denmark, Iceland and other countries have official rules about what a baby can be named.

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At age 15, Jim Carrey quit school and became a janitor to support his family. They were living out of a van.

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Hinduism accepts a man’s right to commit suicide through fasting to death, called “Prayopavesa.”

* * *

Buckingham Palace has 775 rooms, including 188 staff bedrooms, 92 offices and 78 bathrooms, 514 doors and 760 windows.

* * *

The Philippine National Language was instituted in 1937. The late Eusebio T. Daluz compiled Filipino Dictionary in 1915 for the Akademya ng Wikang Pilipino (Academy of the Filipino Language).

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The word industry’s Filipino equivalent word is gamlang.

* * *

Kadamis a translation for Senate.

* * *

Kadamninis a translation for senator.

* * *

The Tagalog term for Adam’s apple is tatagukanor lalagukan.

* * *

Locksmith is panday-kaban.

* * *

The Tagalong term for ostrich is abestrus.

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