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‘Don’t mutilate ASG bodies’

DAVAO CITY – President Rodrigo R. Duterte has reminded his soldiers to take the higher ground and not mutilate the bodies of the enemies of the state.

President Duterte made the statement amid a full on assault against the Abu Sayyaf Group in Jolo.

Mr. Duterte, speaking as he visited the wake of 11 slain soldiers, pleaded with the soldiers not to mutilate the corpses of the enemies, even if the ASG were known to be doing the same to captives.

“Kaya ang order ko sa sundalo, isang bala, kapag natumba na, ’wag mong aksayahan ng panahon, wag mong sayangin iyang bala,” he said.

“Move on to fight another day. Sabi ko sa kanila, wag kayong magtanim ng galit.” (Yas Ocampo)