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‘Bato’ orders men to step up war vs drugs

Philippine National Police chief Director General Ronald “Bato” M. dela Rosa yesterday asked his men to quadruple their efforts to achieve President Duterte’s promise to eradicate illegal drugs within six months.

“We can’t afford to fail the President in his campaign promise to eradicate the drug problem, criminality, and corruption within six months. We’re now running out of time,” Dela Rosa said in a speech before policemen of the Cordillera Administrative Region in Camp Bado Dangwa, La Trinidad, Benguet.

“Two months has passed already. The remaining four I hope we won’t only double, triple, but quadruple our efforts in order for us to hit our target. Otherwise, as I have said, we can’t afford to fail the Filipino people,” the PNP chief added.

Dela Rosa reminded policemen not to accept drug money and shy away from illegal drugs in order not to tarnish the good image of the PNP.

He reiterated that the government and the police won’t win the war against illegal drugs if police officers and their subordinates use their influence and position in order to earn money from drugs.

“Kaya uulit-ulitin ko ito san man ako pumunta I have to remind you always huwag kayong pumatol sa droga. Please, huwag kayo pumatol sa anumang iligal na gawain. Hindi ninyo alam iyong mga tinatanggap ninyo ngayon na pera halo diyan pera sa illegal drugs kaya ang daming nagkaloko-loko na buhay ng mga pulis. Tanggap ng tanggap ng pera mula illegal drugs,” Dela Rosa said.

“Kaya please, stay away from those. Huwag kayong tumanggap ng pera mula sa illegal drugs. Ako lately ko na lang na realize na kapag ikaw ang Chief PNP, napakalaki ng pera ng illegal drugs para sa iyo i-offer sa akin pero hindi ko tinanggap.”

“Never akong tatanggap niyan dahil after six months what will happen? Kung tayo manalo sa ating giyera versus illegal drugs, mag-shift sa illegal drugs, anong mangyayari kapag tumanggap ka? Tali kamay mo at hindi ka na makakahuli kaya huwag na huwag kayong tumanggap. Huwag na huwag kayong tumanggap, masama iyun,” Dela Rosa said. Dela Rosa also warned policemen against receiving payola from gambling lords.

He said drug money and “gambling money” have mixed. The operators of illegal drugs and illegal gambling are almost the same personalities, thus policemen should be wary of receiving money from them, Dela Rosa said.

Dela Rosa said that once the PNP shifts its focus from illegal drugs to illegal gambling, policemen who receive payola from gambling lords or provide them protection would find themselves in big trouble.
(Francis T. Wakefield and PNA)