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MNLF peace proposals

REPRESENTATIVES of the Moro National Liberation Front expressed alarm over reports received of a Malaysian Embassy official in Mindanao making the rounds to push for the dropping of the Philippines of the Sabah territory.

Dr. Abdurahaman Amin, Chief MNLF Permanent Liaison to the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, Islamic Development Bank etc. with General Habib Nikabulin who is MNLF political emissary and is a loyal follower of the Sultanate of Sulu and North Borneo exposed (Republika 8 p.m. Tuesdays Destiny Cable, Channel 8, Sky Cable Channel 213) the active participation of Malaysian influence in the peace process, puppet-strings behind the curtain of the MILF (Moro Islamic Liberation Front).

Both representatives of the MNLF revealed they were in possession of said document. As a sine-qua-non to achieving peace in Southern Mindanao with the present Administration, the Sabah territory of the Philippines (long decided in a July 2011 en banc decision by the Supreme Court GR 187167) is made main staple by the party in interest – Malaysia – sponsor of all the liberation wars in that part of the country, and “curiously” Third Party Facilitator.

Dr. Amin and Gen. Nikabulin reiterated the position of MNLF Chair Nur Misuari regarding its allegiance to the Sultanate and the requirement for Sabah’s recovery by the Philippine republic. Some points that require immediate attention were the following: 1) The lifting of the “warrant of arrest” vs. Chairman Nur Misuari via a State Prosecutor similar the MILF after the bombing of the Davao Airport during PGMA’s watch; 2) The BBL be not pursued as a copy-cat of the failed-BBL of PNoy; 3) Membership in Bangsamoro Transition Commission must be truly inclusive – meaning fair to both MILF and MNLF.

Each must be given nine representatives, one each for Sulu Sultanate, ARMM, and Lumad or 21 members in all. The facilitators shall be the OIC with the Secretary of the OPAPP with the venue shifting from Jeddah Saudi Arabia and Philippines; 4) Two Bangamoro Federal States one for the land locked Filipino-Muslims and Island/Sea fairing Fil-Muslims. (Erik Espina)