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Learn from trees

OUR santol tree had to be cut, and the roots “scooped”. The trunk was not that thick, so I was surprised when I saw the roots – extended beneath the soil, so thick, intricately woven, and sturdy.

An observation of nature will remind us of various life lessons and answer some of our questions as well. As human beings, we are planted on different kinds of soil. Why do some people grow while others are stunted? I mean, in different aspects. The former have learned important lessons from trees.

1. A clay pot may look safe and beautiful, but like our santol tree, you will grow more if you are planted on the ground – more space for roots, meaning more leaves and fruits!

2. Growing new leaves may mean new attitudes and values, knowledge, skills, directions, and opportunities.

3. Losing a few branches and leaves does not mean the end of life. You may have lost loved ones, things, and chances, but life goes on!

4. Broken parts will not make you unimportant and unproductive. Despite your failures and pains, you are still capable of accomplishing certain things. As I say in my blog, “Hold on, possibilities are endless” (arayatamarilyn.wordpress.com)!

5. Life grows on God’s time. Life’s natural processes take time, so we have to be patient.

6. Overflowing fruits are meant to be shared. Even your time and talents were given to bless others.

7. Some plants were made for purposes other than to bear fruits. Even the parts of plants have unique functions.

Never compare your life, status, and achievements to those of other people.

8. We can’t grow in the shade. Learn to endure the heat of the sun.

9. Be resilient like the bamboo. Humility won’t break you!

10. Plants cannot grow fully where weeds compete with them. Avoid places, thoughts, habits, and relationships that will hinder your growth, well-being, and happiness.

“Bloom where you are planted”!

Need I say more?

(Marilyn Arayata: inspire.equip@gmail.com) (Marilyn C. Arayata)