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Police, military told to take charge

President Rodrigo R. Duterte is leaving it all up to the police and the military to get to the bottom of the recent bombing in Davao City that left more than a dozen people dead and scores injured.

The deadly explosion happened right in Duterte’s hometown in Davao City were 15 people were killed while 71 others wounded during a busy night market activity along Roxas Avenue.

“I leave it to the police and military to do their thing. I am not a policeman, I am not a military man… they can do what they really want to address the problem and to find out who are the responsible people who committed the crime,” stated Duterte.

Prior to the explosion, the terror bandits Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG) issued a warning about staging retaliatory action after the government conducted a determined pursuit against the terrorists the last few weeks, particularly in their stronghold in Patikul, Sulu the resulted in the death of at least 30 ASG fighters.

“They gave us the warning, not only in Jolo but in other places. So we were forewarned, we were ready,” said Duterte during a press briefing Saturday.

Moments after the explosion, the ASG claimed responsibility on the incident.

Duterte adds it would be impossible to conduct strict inspection on individuals during events or on any other places frequented by the public.

“Then it is not a democracy anymore. That is the price of being a democratic state,” said Duterte.

And while they are looking into the threat made by the ASG, the President said they are also not discounting the possibility that other groups are behind the explosion.

“Everybody is a suspect,” he told reporters when asked if they are also considering narco politics as motive behind the blast that claimed the lives of innocent civilians.

On the offer of the United States to assist in the investigation of the incident, Duterte said the local police and military in the country are capable of doing investigation and they are doing it correctly.

“We have leads, but I will not reveal it to the public as of now,” added Duterte.

President Duterte said “I have the duty to protect the country and to keep the integrity of the nation intact.”

“It is not Martial Law, its nothing to do with the suspension of the habeas corpus,” the President said adding that the fight on illegal drugs and criminality covers his declaration of state of lawless violence nationwide.
(With a report from PNA) (ELENA ABEN)