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Anthony Castelo supports Digong

Anthony Castelo

“President Duterte, thank you for loving the Philippines.’’

These were the words uttered by singer-composer Anthony Castelo as he presented a CD copy of his gift of song entitled “Ang Bagong Pilipino” to President Rodrigo Duterte when he visited the nation’s leader in Davao City.

Visibly moved by Castelo’s kind gesture, the President replied, “Yan naman ang ipinangako ko sa inyo – handa kong ibigay ang buhay ko para sa ating bayan!”

In an interview, the veteran singer said, “President Duterte’s deep love for the Philippines says it all… it’s the inspiration and foundation for his entire program of government.” He added, “As titular father of this nation, I believe, the President sees the country as his own home and its citizens, members of his own family whom he has sworn to defend and protect at all costs – even at the expense of his own life!”

The multi-awarded singer – composer strongly supports President Duterte’s relentless fight against illegal drugs, corruption and other forms of criminality. Castelo likewise supports the President’s unwavering stand for the rightful burial of former President Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani as well as his effort towards lasting peace with the CPP-NPA, MNLF and the MILF.

During his visit with the President, Castelo also expressed his desire to help the Duterte administration in the field of culture and arts, and the President’s response was positive.