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Is Rocco among Lovi’s ‘souvenirs’

Lovi and Rocco

RETURN To – Lovi Poe is back on primetime via the GMA soap “Someone to Watch Over Me,” which airs starting tonight.

Directed by Maryo J. de los Reyes, “Someone” focuses on a young man (Tom Rodriguez) with failing and fading memory and the two loves of his life.

Lovi plays the wife and Max Collins an old flame. But with the onset of Alzheimer, Tom mistakes Max for his wife, thinking that Lovi is a caregiver. Lovi’s love for her husband is such that she gladly takes care of him and allows Max to act as the wife.

Lovi’s excited her return to primetime is a poignant love story which tests her depth and scope as an actress. Well, she’s equal to the role. Remember she has awards for, among other movies, “Mayohan,” Sagrada Familia,” “Yesterday Today Tomorrow,” and “Thy Womb.”

AMONG MY – A self-confessed sentimental soul, Lovi has several boxes which contain old letters and gifts, odds and ends which remind her of bittersweet days.

“Among my souvenirs” they may well be called. Are the gifts given her by ex-boyfriend Rocco Nacino in one of those boxes? Lovi smiles and thinks for a while, “No…wala pa.”

Meaning there’s a chance she and Rocco might end up together again?

“Whatever comes, Rocco will always have a special place in my heart,” sighs Lovi, adding she and ex-BF haven’t seen each other for quite sometime. They were together for two years.

MOVING ON – The talk of showbiz town is Rocco hasn’t recovered from the break-up which Lovi initiated. Although he denies it, saying he’s now okay.

Lovi’s moved on…and is seeing a handsome Frenchman who travels all over the world, mostly business commitments. But she’d rather not categorically says if he’s a suitor or beau. “I do no wamt to be presumptuous.”

She’s been in showbiz for 10 years, getting better, wiser, and love-lier by the years. Lovi just finished a movie for Regal, “The Escort,” opposite Derek Ramsay.

One of these days, she’ll announce something “quite, not really that big.” Has it something to do career, business, lovelife, or whatever?

Her lips are sealed, “Malalaman na lang ninyo” is the enigmatic answer.

Okay, let’s wait and see.