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‘It’s still more fun in PH’

It’s still more fun in the Philippines even after the market blast in Davao City Friday.

Presidential Communications Secretary Martin Andanar said they understand the prerogative of western nations to issue travel warnings against the country but assured that security forces are on alert to ensure the safety and protection of the people.

“The AFP and the PNP have been on alert for the last few days, and life continues here in the Philippines. It’s still more fun in the Philippines. It’s just one place in the south where it happened,” Andanar said.

“The country has 7,100 islands and you can choose from other cities, other municipalities, and other spots in the Philippines where you can enjoy the beauty of our island,” he said.

“It’s really up to the traveler where he wants to visit the country. We can assure that they are safe,” he said.

The United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia,and Singapore have issued travel warnings to their citizens in the Philippines following the night market explosion in Davao City that left 15 people dead.

The US Embassy has temporarily suspended official travel to Mindanao and urged citizens in the country to remain vigilant.

The United Kingdom and Australia have advised their citizens to avoid traveling to some parts of Mindanao and practice caution in the Philippines.

Malacañang, however, has no qualms about the travel warnings issued by these foreign nations.

“It’s normal for these countries to issue their travel warnings to their citizens because it’s their responsibility to their citizens,” Andanar said.

He pointed out that the Davao market blast was a “terrorist act done to arrest development in the south” but “it’s just one.” (Genalyn D. Kabiling)