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Motorola Verve Rider covers all bases for productive, fashionable lifestyles


With wireless technology booming, many have turned to Bluetooth-capable devices to spice up their daily routines. This covers both serene and workout-crazy individuals that can spice up boring spells.

Motorola Vervelife intends to enhance an individual’s every move and one product that should come in handy is the Moto Verve Rider. This is not just another Bluetooth-backed headset, but something that adapts a certain flare to ramp up daily activities.

Wireless headsets have been known to address the wire-related obstacles that people encounter either in workouts or when simply taking some time off. Among the things one should seriously consider in the Motorola VerveLife mix is the Moto Verve Rider.

“Motorola VerveLife is designed for people who want to have it all, and are determined to get what they want. We’re moving towards a wireless age, and we recognize that nobody wants to be physically restricted. That is the beauty of technology. We continue to innovate and address the needs of our consumers,” says Digits CEO Charles Paw.

This Bluetooth-backed headset goes an extra step in aiding folks with their private-listening. It is lightweight and comfortable to wear, with the neckband carrying most of the audio controls that users can easily manage.

Corresponding earbuds come with the piece, something that can be magnetically attached to the tip of the Verve Rider neck band. When not in use, these should be an organized way to make sure that the headset does not get in the way of a person’s chores.

The Moto Verve Rider is prepped for use anywhere, including the outdoors. Also something worth looking into with Motorola Vervelife is the aid of apps. All this falls on the accompanying Hubble Connect.

With Hubble Connect, users can look forward to optimized audio playback for media file playback. Aside from that, it comes with a feature that allows users to find the last connected location in the event that the product is lost.