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Edu deals with Alzheimer’s at home

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JUST A THOUGHT: The less you reveal, the more people can wonder. – Emma Watson

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EDU’S MOTHER HAS ALZHEIMER’S: As if fate is testing him, Edu Manzano is faced with confronting dreaded Alzheimer’s Disease on and off screen.

On his comeback to acting after a long lull, Edu plays dad to a boy who suffers from early onset of the disease in GMA teleserye, “Someone To Watch Over Me”.

In real life, the veteran actor is trying hard to cope with Alzheimer’s that has attacked his own mother, Nenita Manzano.

In an interview following the media launch of “Someone,” Edu shared he was saddened by the fact that his mother could no longer recognize him, or any of his siblings.

At the same time, he expressed fear that the disease is hereditary.

Edu’s ex-mother in law, Milagros Santos, also has Alzheimer’s.

He said his casting in a show that tackles the much feared disease among the elderly is probably not an accident.

Í have so much to give to people with this condition, as it has affected my own mother, specifically,’’ he said.

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WATCHING OVER HIM: Beginning September 5, GMA Network brings to primetime an original series, “Someone To Watch Over Me”.

The inspirational drama tells the story of a wife’s unwavering love for her husband who is suffering from Early-onset Alzheimer’s disease.

The series stars Lovi Poe and Tom Rodriguez as the beleaguered wife and husband, respectively.

Providing the third wheel in the intriguing story is Max Collins.

Tom is TJ Chavez, a playful, outgoing guy who falls madly in love with Joanna (Lovi). He and his wife will face their biggest setback when he is diagnosed with the rare disorder.

Joining Tom, Max and Lovi in “Someone To Watch Over Me” are Jackie Lou Blanco, Isay Alvarez, Ronnie Lazaro, Boy 2 Quizon.

“Someone To Watch Over Me” airs Mondays to Fridays after “Descendants of the Sun”. (NESTOR CUARTERO)