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What if US goes to war with China?

Seth Cropsey, former deputy undersecretary of the US Navy under both President Ronald Reagan and President George H.W. Bush, wrote an editorial for The Hudson Institute predicting that war with China was inevitable.

Cropsey called on the Obama administration to do everything necessary to limit China’s strength.

He also indicated that their next president must compel China to respect international law. Otherwise, they may allegedly face a conflict with Beijing’s growing navy at a time when theirs is decreasing in size.

If the US does go to war with China, what becomes of our country?

Even if we remain silent in the event of a war, the Philippines cannot avoid involvement since it has a mutual defense treaty with the US signed in 1951, saying both nations would support each other if attacked by an external party.

This treaty was reaffirmed in Manila by the two governments in 2011 and signed by Philippine Foreign Secretary Alberto del Rosario and US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

And besides, the Philippines is the aggrieved party in the territorial dispute in the West Philippine Sea since China continues to ignore the UN tribunal’s ruling declaring that the Scarborough Shoal belongs to our country. With China ever flaunting its might, aren’t we glad to have Big Brother on our side?

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The latest surveillance photos taken by the Department of National Defense last September 3 show Chinese vessels continuing its construction activities of a military base over the Scarborough Shoal.

The Chinese vessels included coast guard patrol boats along with a supposed dredger which could turn the reef into large military and naval facilities, and an airstrip.

So far, the President has been very diplomatic in handling the West Philippine Sea conflict. But his displeasure over the photos led him to openly ask during the recent security conference in Davao City why are we being treated by China this way.

Duterte left last Monday for Laos where he is supposed to have a one-on-one meeting with US President Obama during the ASEAN Conference, and talk about the West Philippine Sea conflict.

Unfortunately, Obama scrapped their talks and instead chose to meet with President Park of the Republic of Korea.
Apparently, when it rains, it pours even for Duterte.

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