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Yeng says musical is a far-fetched dream

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JUST A THOUGHT: My thoughts are stars I cannot fathom into constellations. – John Green

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HINDI AKO MAKAPANIWALA: Singer-songwriter Yeng Constantino remained unbelieving that a musical play inspired by her music was actually unfolding before her eyes.

She exclaimed, “I’m not the type of person who easily believes things said to me or about me, especially where my career is concerned.’’

The 27-year old Pinoy Dream Academy grand prize winner said watching excerpts from “Ako si Josephine,” the musical soon to be staged in her honor, sent her into fits of joy and nostalgia. She thanked her manager Erickson Raymundo, who hatched the project in celebration of her 10th anniversary in show business.

“I must say I was a reluctant participant in this, totally unbelieving that such a play could be possible,’’ Yeng told media during a media conference held at the PETA Center in Quezon City where the play premieres to the public on Sept. 8.

* * *

JOINT VENTURE: “Ako si Josephine” is a joint production between PETA and Yeng’s management company, Cornerstone Entertainment.

Yeng said she was touched that the same creative team that cooked up the highly successful “Rak of Aegis” is behind Josephine. She hoped that her music could hold up to their expectations.

Ms. Constantino is noted for her self-composed hit songs, such as “Hawak Kamay”, “Salamat”, “Ikaw”, “Chinito”.

The musical traces her roots, from a jeepney-riding wannabe singer and composer to the time she rises to fame.

* * *

“AKO SI JOSEPHINE”, the musicale featuring the songs of Yeng Constantino, is set in a music empire where love songs and other types of music are not allowed.

It is decreed by Monotomia, fun-loving leader of the music empire. In truth, this music is used to hypnotize people into forgetting their problems.

But Josephine still has music in her heart. She remembers what her parents who have been exiled in the land of Sintunados, told her.

Josephine falls for her boss, Chinito.

They make music, a prelude to romance. It is the same music that Josephine and Chinito wish to disseminate.

But this can’t be had, as it will destroy the hypnotic rhythm needed to keep the status quo in the empire.

When Monotomia discovers Josephine and Chinito’s plans, he keeps them apart and later reverses Chinito’s feelings for Josephine. This causes major heartaches for Josephine.

It has been Monotomia’s plan to discourage Josephine from making love songs that they wish to propagate.

Nonetheless, the people will learn the value of music and their own humanity as well.

“Ako si Josephine” runs from Sept. 8 to October 9 at the PETA Theater Center in Quezon City. The musical stars Jon Santos, Ricci Chan, Joaquin Valdez, etc. (NESTOR CUARTERO)