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Life strategies that work for sure

Dear Readers,
One of our readers, Mr. Jun Gador was kind enough to share some tips to break bad habits, in reaction to one of our past columns. Here, he shares personal and practical strategies that work for sure. We agree with the suggestions that’s why we are sharing his life lessons. Here are some practical guidelines to happy living, according to Jun:

• Sacrifice is the key to Paradise. That’s why, even if you need to sacrifice a little, you need to try to change for the better. After all, nothing is constant except CHANGE.

• Lose weight by eating in moderation. My strategy is: No meal on supper, only fruits. You also need to indulge in some forms of physical exercise. Some practical ways to do it are: brisk walking and climbing the stairs instead of using the elevator.

• Stop smoking. “I quit smoking for two straight weeks. After two weeks, try to smoke, mahihilo ka na. Ayaw mo na.”

• To save money, buy only what you need and not what you want. Second, avoid credit cards because it’s advance spending and it creates impulse buying. Make these practices your habit until they become permanent practices.

• Always remember that everything is difficult before it becomes easy.

• Always do what is right. Do your best and the LORD will take care of the rest.

• Remember that the path to righteousness is the most difficult but also the most rewarding, in due time.


Manay Gina

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“Do the right thing. It will gratify some people and astonish the rest.” – Mark Twain

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