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DU30 satisfied after first overseas journey

The rock star is back and he is a little calmer and satisfied.

President Duterte returned home from his productive two-nation swing in Asia, saying he has become a “peaceful man” after his first international journey.

Upon arrival at the Davao City airport early yesterday morning, the President said he deserves a “few applauses” after pushing for the country’s interests abroad, from a peaceful settlement of the maritime dispute to an independent foreign policy.

“I am a peaceful man after ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations summit),” said the President who attended the regional meetings in Laos and paid a working visit to Indonesia.

“I don’t want to pick a fight with any nation. I only want to be at peace with everybody, doing business with everybody,” he added.

When he participated in the regional meetings in Laos, the President said he was able to convey his most important message – the country’s pursuit of an independent foreign policy in its relations with the world.

“The Philippines will pursue an independent foreign policy. We will observe and must insist on the time-honored principles of sovereignty, sovereign equality, non-interference, and the commitment to a peaceful settlement of disputes to best serve our people and protect the interests of our country,” the President said.

At the regional summit, the President said he pushed for stronger regional cooperation in the fight against terrorism and illegal drugs to ensure regional peace and stability. He also seized the chance to declare the Philippines is “open for business” when he met with the ASEAN business sector.

“I am happy to able to do it (ASEAN summit). I can sleep soundly tonight thinking I have served my country the best way I can,” Duterte said. (Genalyn D. Kabiling)