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Lea won’t interfere in brother’s drugs probe


Broadway star Lea Salonga has said that her family will not interfere in the police investigation involving the arrest of her half-brother Philip Mendez who was captured during a buy-bust operation in Pasig City last September 9.

A statement released through ABS-CBN said:

“Philip is my half-brother (same father, but we have different mothers);

“In light of this recent arrest as reported in the news today, allow me to say that our family will not in any way hamper the investigation of the police in this matter;

“As with all individuals arrested under similar charges, we call only for due process and a fair trial;

“If he is absolutely guilty of the charges against him, he needs to take responsibility for his actions,” said Salonga in a statement.

Last Friday, September 9, Philip was arrested for allegedly selling Ecstasy and packets of dried marijuana.

Senior Superintendent Guillermo Eleazar, acting director of the Quezon Police District, presented Mendez and his two alleged cohorts during a press conference.

Police have targeted celebrities in their fresh campaign on illegal drugs.