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Butch to revitalize PH sports

PSC hires physiologists, nutritionists, psychologists.

DAVAO CITY – Philippine Sports Commission chairman Butch Ramirez said Monday that they will revitalize the country’s sports by employing the proper “sports science” to support the Filipino athletes.

Ramirez, in a press conference, said that they will be hiring physiologists, nutritionists and psychologists to improve the athletes’ well-being as they compete nationally or internationally.

“For quite a long time, there’s no science in Philippine sports,” he said. “If (Manny) Pacquiao is not able to avail of a physiologist, psychologist, and a good nutritionist, Pacquiao could have been a different Pacquiao.”

He said the PSC will allocate some P25 million to jumpstart the operations of the Philippine Sports Institute (PSI) by October 1.

He added that the PSI will be tasked to monitor the athletes and ensure that they get the much-needed support from the government.

He said the PSI will also coordinate with the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG), Department of Education and local government units to reach and engage the grassroots into sports, which is at the core of the PSC under a Duterte administration.

He emphasized the need to establish the grassroots program to scout more young Filipino athletes to jump into sports who will also represent the country.

“There was no grassroots to speak of, because when we speak of grassroots, (it should be) the roots of the tree, and there is no roots to speak of,” he said.

PSC commissioner Charles Raymond Maxey said they hope to correct the mistakes of the government when it comes to extending assistance to the Filipino athletes by providing them the proper facilities where they can train and hone their skills.

He said they will assign coordinators to each regional satellite office of the PSI who will monitor the athletes and collaborate with the LGUs.

“Through PSI, we will monitor the nutrition of the athletes. We will have sports medicine,” he said. “How can you expect the athletes to perform well if you give this kind of food and facilities?” (ANTONIO COLINA V)