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Our time has come


OUR TIME – I remember distinctly what Tita Midz (Armida Siguion Reyna) said years back. “Our time will come,” referring to Filipino films winning recognition abroad, especially the three major international filmfest, Cannes, Berlin, and Venice.

Well, it has come, via Brillante Mendoza and Lav Diaz.

Tita Midz also said that the likes of Lino Brocka and Ishmael Bernal, and even his son Carlitos Siguion, opened door for future filmmakers.

LOOKING BACK – Let’s look back with fondness and gratitude to those directors. Brocka and Bernal are gone, but Carlitos will hopefully make more movies.

Lino made waves in Cannes via “Insiang,” “Jaguar,” “Bona,” “Kapit sa Patalim,” and “Orapronobis.”

Ishmael’s “Himala” nearly gave Nora Aunor the best actress award in Berlin.

By the way, much, much earlier, in the early ‘50s, Manuel Conde’s “Genghis Khan” won acclaim in Venice, paving the way for its release in the US.

Also, Carlitos’ “Ang Lalake sa Buhay ni Selya,” won a special prize in Berlin, gay and lesbian category. Ditto Maryo J. de los Reyes “Magnifico,” which received a kiddie award in Berlin.

MORE ENTRIES – While at it, Highspeed mentions more directors whose works were exhibited in the three majors:
Mike de Leon’s “Batch ‘81” was in Cannes’ Directors Forthnight.

Joey Reyes’ “Live Show” got good notices in Berlin.

The films of then neophyte directors Jeffrey Jeturuian and Gabby Diokno won special prizes (with cash) in Venice.

TOURISM BET – Mel Caparas reports that a Zamboangueña beauty, Nancy Lee Leonard, is representing the Philippines in the ongoing 2016 Miss Tourism Queen Int’l being held in Wenzhua, China.

Nancy, 25, is a psychology graduate of Ateneo de Zamboanga. She was crowned Miss Philippines Earth-Water in 2013 joined Bb. Pilipinas 2015.

Reigning Miss Tourism Queen Int’l is Natahlie Mogbelzada of The Netherlands.