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Rise of leptospirosis cases feared

Rainy season is here and with it comes street flooding. This again will bring rise to leptospirosis cases.

Leptospirosis is caused by bacteria called leptospira which is contagious when moist.

A person can be infected through contact with water and soil containing urine from animals.

“People will again be in danger of getting in contact with water contaminated with rats’ urine,” said Ruth Marie Atienza, chief operating officer of Mapecon Philippines Inc., the country’s foremost authority on pets control.

The bacteria can enter the body through wounds and open skin when washing with contaminated water or by splashing the eyes or nose, said Atienza quoting a World Health Organization (WHO) report.

Meanwhile, she aired warming against mosquito bite during daytime amidst fears the country may experience again a dengue outbreak.

Dengue fever is flu-like infection caused by flavivirus that comes from family within the Aedes Egypti that originated from Africa.

The most severe type of dengue is hemorrgargic fever which accounts for 10 percent of cases killing 22,000 people a year.