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Dingdong Dantes plays modern-day Robin Hood


BOW AND ARROW – The primetime king of GMA, Dingdong Dantes is “Alyas Robin Hood,” is using his bow and arrow to hunt for the killer of a loved one. And while at it, he becomes the champion of the oppressed.

“Alyas Robin Hood,” which premieres Sept.19, is action-adventure with a dose of romance-drama and a hint of comedy.

Directed by Dominic Zapata, “Alyas Robin Hood” tests Dingdong’s acting and physical prowess. Which the actor welcomes, seeing that hard action is now rarely seen on television. And his main weapon is not state of the art gun, but the ancient bow and arrow identified with the legend of Robin Hood of Sherwood Forest.

In the story, Dingdong was framed up for murder and spent time in jail where he mastered the art of archery.

OUTSTANDING – The supporting cast is truly outstanding.

Dingdong’s got two leading ladies, 2013 Miss World Megan Young and sex symbol Andrea Torres.

Consider the other players led by Cannes best actress this year Ms. Jacklyn Jose. Also Boyet de Leon, Ms. Cherie Gil, Sid Lucero, Gary Estrada, Paolo Contis, Dennis Padilla, Tanya Gomez, Gio Alvarez, John Feir, Lindsay de Vera, Caprice Cayetano, Rey Abellana, and Ces Quesada.

HAPPY ENDING – They made a beautiful pair years back. The romance between an action star and a beauty queen.

Alas and alack, their romance didn’t last. But then, in a way they had a happy ending, even if away from each other.

He ended up with a rich gay, very understanding. Gay doesn’t mind if the actor plays around…with ladies that is. No other gays, please.

And what happened to the beauty queen? Well, she’s happy and content in the arms of a wealthy and generous lesbian who provides her with all the luxuries in life. Which she never had when she was with the actor.

The few times they meet each other by chance, actor and beauty queen remain cordial. All’s well that ends well.