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Why some people just don’t care

Do you know of people who seem so numb and calloused?

These are the kind of people who don’t care about anyone or anything around them because for them, there is nothing more important than themselves.

Sometimes, do you also find yourself not caring about other people, their emotion, or about the things happening around you? Or do you have friends who seem to live on their own and for their own?

They are the type who, after everything that just happened, are just “NR” – no reaction.

For example:

A husband and a wife are having an argument. One of them starts to cry while the other one walks out and watched TV.

A person is on a bus and sees an old lady carrying many things. Instead of letting the old lady sit down, this person pretended to be asleep.

A mother is sick, and her son, instead of taking care of her, chose to spend the night at a birthday party of a friend.

These are examples of emotional numbness, wherein one’s emotions are disconnected from the reality that is happening. This can take place because a person deliberately chose to build a wall or create an emotional distance for whatever reason.

People who are emotionally numb don’t react or respond to situations, or they choose to remain so uninvolved in an issue or a conflict.

Hold on, may I ask – do you find yourself judging these kinds of people? Have you ever wondered why they are like this? Have you ever tried to understand where such people are coming from?

So why is it that there are people who are numb and seemingly calloused? Let’s dig deeper.

No reason! Just plain lazy! No initiative, doesn’t care about others. There are people who just care about what’s happening if he or she will benefit from it. Do you know of people who are like this?

Any traumatizing event can possibly lead to emotional numbness. How? If you have been hurt before, or if you have gone through something unpleasant, you don’t want for that experience to happen again, right?

It’s because of trauma that you may feel that everything that is happening to you that has the slightest hint of resemblance to a negative event will again cause you pain. And this is why here you are, avoiding it all, at all cost, saying, “I know how this will end! I will only get hurt!”

Maybe because of too much pressure from your family, spouse, or work, you just want to let go and disappear. You don’t want to struggle anymore to think or to look for answers.

It feels like you are just so tired of everything that is happening.

The sad thing is people resort to alcoholism, gambling, or even drugs as solution to their problems. They think that doing these things will help them forget their problems. Remember, these things – alcohol, gambling, and drugs – are all wrong and temporary. You can just give yourself a break so that you can re-charge, and think straight. And then, just bounce back!


Losing a loved one can cause so much pain. Maybe because you don’t want to talk about it, hear about it, or remember it, you just try to avoid it by not saying anything and by being numb about it.

You will know if a person is grieving when this person’s way of being numb or calloused is by giving you a silent treatment. Maybe there’s so many things happening around you, and yet, this person is just in one corner, crying and just staring blankly. Whenever you talk to this person, he or she doesn’t seem to pay any attention.

This can be caused by a lot of things, and can also lead to emotional numbness. A person may be numb because he or she feels useless or he or she feels isolated from a family or a group.

There was a sudden change because of an unexpected event.

These people are so emotionally down, such that when you talk to them, they tend to raise their voices just to prove to the people around them that they are okay, and that there is nothing to worry about, even if they are going through something very deep and difficult. This is what you call defense mechanism.

What about you? Do you sometimes find yourself becoming numb because of the people around you? Or do you intentionally try to make yourself numb? What is the reason why you are choosing to remain passive? In what way can you get up from all of this and change this?