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RCS off to another US concert tour


JUST A THOUGHT: “To serve is beautiful, but only if it is done with joy and a whole heart.” – Pearl S. Buck

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GRABE HUGOT NILA: Veteran composer Ryan Cayabyab is amazed at how today’s youth could draw so much angst from life that they could put them into words as songs.

Ryan asked members of his group, The Ryan Cayabyab Singers (RCS) to provide the lyrics to some of his compositions in their new studio album, their third.

“Ewan ko kung saan nila hinuhugot ang mga emosyong ito,” he quipped during the album’s media launch recently.

It was precisely for this reason, Ryan said, that he didn’t specifically write the lyrics to his music, as he was want to do in the past. ‘I wanted the songs to possess a present-day touch.’

Boy, was he amazed at how the lyrics to the songs turned out.They were deep, pained, lyrical, old-style poetry.

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QUOTES AT THE LAUNCH: Excerpts of quotes from the launch:

Are the RCS a threat to The Company? “We are good friends with The Company.”

On the false rumor of his (Ryan’s) death on social media: I wasn’t a bit bothered. Look, I’m alive.

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POWERHOUSE ENSEMBLE: The Ryan Cayabyab Singers (RCS) marks its ninth year in the music scene with the release of “Sa Panaginip Lang,” consisting of 12 songs written by Cayabyab himself.

Curve Entertainment Inc. is distributing the album digitally worldwide. The physical CD can be purchased at leading record stores, says Curve managing director Narciso Chan.

RCS is recognized as the Philippines’ seven-part powerhouse ensemble since 2007. Formed and handpicked by Ryan Cayabyab, the group is described by the master composer as his “dream team.”

Out of 180 aspirants, Cayabyab selected Poppert Bernadas, Kaye Tiuseco, and five others who formed the original group. In the following years, as some members left, new ones were auditioned in a similar manner and the group has welcomed Erwin Lacsa, Celine Fabie, VJ Caber, Sheerlendela Cruz, and most recently, Anthony Castillo, to complete the current company of seven.

The RCS was signed with Sony BMG in 2007, and released their self-titled album, “Ryan Cayabyab RCS.”

They have awed audiences all over with international credits including 12 cities in the US, four provinces of Australia, Canada, the Esplanade in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Indonesia.

The RCS is doing another one-month tour of the US in October 2016 to promote Philippine music through a journey of 100 years.

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NATIONALISTIC SONGS: Known for their nationalistic songs and Cayabyab originals, they swing through a variety of genres – from novelty arrangements of OPM to Broadway numbers to a fully choreographed Motown Revue.
In July 2016, this multi-faceted ensemble mounted a seven-piece opera, “Spoliarium,” with the Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra. (NESTOR CUARTERO)