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Rody seeks 6 more months to lick drugs

President Duterte said Sunday night that he would need six more months to solve the country’s problem on drugs and criminality.

Duterte assured the public that his administration is doing its very best to defeat crime and illegal drugs in a bid to put order in the country.

Suppression of crime and illegal drugs within three to six months was among Duterte’s campaign promise but the Chief Executive told the public Sunday to give him a little more time to accomplish this.

According to Duterte, when he made his commitment, he didn’t have an idea on the magnitude of the problem which is even made worse by the involvement of government officials.

“We are wracked with so many problems – kidnapping in the South, terrorism, drugs which is really pulling us down, and I can say that we would need time to put everything in order,” the President said.

“That self imposed time of three to six months, well, I did not realize how severe and how serious the problem of drug menace in this republic until I became President,” he added. (Elena L. Aben)