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Duterte mulls abolition of ‘corrupt’ PCSO

President Duterte has warned that three “corrupt” State agencies – the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office, the Bureau of Internal Revenue, and the Bureau of Customs – may soon be history.

Speaking before a gathering of local officials at the Sulong Pilipinas local governance series in Davao City Tuesday night, Duterte said he would recommend the abolition of the PCSO if corruption in the agency persists.

The President has appointed former police general Jose Jorge Corpuz as chairperson of the PCSO. According to Duterte, the PCSO tops the list of government agencies being bled dry by corrupt officials.

Duterte said he has instructed Corpuz to conduct a top-to-bottom overhaul of the PCSO and weed out scalawags in the agency.

He expressed optimism that the PSCO will be brought back on track with Corpuz at the helm. “I hope things will improve. But sinabi ko you have to make a study,” said Duterte.

“If I am not satisfied that it can really prevent corruption, I will recommend the abolition of the PCSO,” he added.

According to the President, similar problems have been plaguing the BIR and BoC. “Itong sa Customs, BIR, it will be history. I am warning the people there, either you stop or you will become part of history,” the President said.

Meanwhile, Duterte said that since he assumed office on June 30, he has consistently done the very things he promised during his campaign.

For the other major concerns like the economy, the President said he has picked the best people for the job.
(Elena L. Aben)