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Gwen scores rare acting feat


JUST A THOUGHT: Our fearlessness shall be our secret weapon. – John Green

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GWEN ACTING UP: Some people may have little, low or no expectation of Gwen Zamora, 26-year old actress and bubbling comedian.

In her own quiet way, the multinational mestiza has scored a rare acting feat with just one film. For her role as an upward woman in “Apocalypse Child,” Gwen was nominated best supporting actress by the 2016 Urian Awards, and best actress by the Luna Awards of the Film Academy of the Philippines for the same year.

Gwen is at a loss on how to categorize her role in the film directed by Mario Cornejo.

‘It was an ensemble cast, we were all helping one another,’ she says humbly.

* * *

ONE TIME SEXY AND BOLD: For the start-up actress, going sexily bold in the film has been worth it. Her character required not a few love scenes, a few of them quite graphic.

She swears that will be the first and last time she’s going to figure in such scenes. Gwen is getting married in March 2017 to her boyfriend of two years, Jeremy Marquez.

Gwen’s mother is Filipino-Vietnamese. Her father is French, currently the pastry chef at City of Dreams.

At 13, she acted in school plays. At 17, Gwen started filming TV commercials, which paved the way to her entry to show business. Gwen is a regular on “Bubble Gang,” and has another feature film to her credit, “Straight To The Heart”.

Two years ago, she played the female lead in “The Witness,” an Indonesian film shown across Asia. (NESTOR CUARTERO)