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More Filipino words make it to Oxford


OXFORD LIST – Always a pleasure to know the Oxford English Dictionary has added more words in Filipino to its list. Let’s start with Filipino party staples like:

Lechon (said to be the best roasted pig in the world, especially those from Cebu), leche flan (custard), balut (fertilized duck egg), kare-kare (stew), puto (rice cake), pancit (noodles).

When will dinuguan and kinilaw make it to Oxford?

Anyway, more on the Oxford list:

Tita (aunt), Tito (uncle), lola (grandmother), lolo (grandfather), yaya (nanny), aling and mang (title of respect), tabo (dipper), bayanihan (communal work).

Over the years, Oxford has included other Filipino words like barkada, halo-halo, barangay, balikbayan, utang na loob.

ECUADOR-BASED – The Miss United Continents pageant is based in Ecuador and Philippines; bet is Jeslyn Santos, 23, of Hagonoy, Bulacan, Highspeed contributor Mel Caparas reports. Coronation night is Sept. 24 at the Palacio de Cristal in Guayaquil, Ecuador.

Jeslyn is Bb. Pilipinas alumna (2014 and 2016, Bb. Republika 2015 titleholder, and last year’s delegate to the inaugural Miss World Peace in Hong Kong, where she was finalist.

Last year’s bet to Miss United Continents was another Bb. Pilipinas alumna, Annabel Christine Tia, who made it to the Top 10. The reigning Miss United Continents is Nathalia Lago of Brazil.

Will Jeslyn make to the finals…or even win the crown itself?