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Reassigned ‘narco’ cops go on AWOL

The Philippine National Police (PNP) is now conducting investigation on the reports that some of the policemen who were reassigned to Mindanao for alleged involvement in illegal drugs have opted to go on AWOL (Absent Without Official Leave).

“Yes, we have been receiving unofficial reports about that. This is the reason why we have already started accounting for all those personnel,” said Senior Supt. Dionardo Carlos, PNP spokesman.

But Carlos said it is the usual problem that they confront every time a reassignment order is issued on some of their personnel.

In most cases, the main reason being given by reassigned policemen in their appeal is for security reasons or family matters.

It was recalled that no less than Director General Ronald dela Rosa had ordered the reassignment of policemen suspected to be involved in illegal drugs to Mindanao and other conflict areas of the country.

On the first month of his term, Dela Rosa has ordered the transfer of more than 40 policemen from Metro Manila to some areas in Mindanao.

Carlos explained that the reason behind the immediate reassignment is to immediately disrupt the illegal drugs transactions involving the policemen in their respective turfs.

“We are now checking on the status of these personnel for appropriate actions,” said Carlos.

On the other hand, Carlos said they also received report that two of the policemen reassigned to Maguindanao were ambushed several days ago in Parang town.

Based on the report, one of them was killed by the gunmen.

Dela Rosa, for his part, earlier vowed to reassign to various areas in the country those policemen who are suspected to be involved in recycling of drugs and drug protection racket. (AARON RECUENCO)