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Alex and Joseph: The perfect blend


PERFECT BLEND – Like the coffee they are selling in Regal’s “My Rebound Girl,” the Alex Gonzaga and Joseph Marco combinations a perfect blend.

Alex is bubbly, while Joseph is reserved, but somehow the chemistry (on and offcam) is there, first seen in the soap “pure Love,” adapted from a Koreanovela.

But why the “Rebound” title? In the story, Alex was dumped by her BF to reconcile with an ex, leaving her without a partner in the coffee shop, Perfect Blend Café.

Enter another business partner, Joseph, who Alex discovers was also dumped his long-time GF.

Misery loves company and they find themselves falling for each other while running the coffee shop. Their love story gets a major twist when at the inauguration of Perfect Blend Café, Joseph’s ex shows up.

Is Alex bound for another heartbreak?

ROMCOM – Alex Gonzaga is at her best in comedy, making “My Rebound Girl” a perfect vehicle, a romcom, for her comic flair.

Joseph is no comedian, but a fine drama actor, a sex object of sorts. In the very successful soap “Pasion de Amor,” Joseph displayed his fine physique and dramatic prowess.

Also in the cast of “My Rebound Girl” are Martin Escudero, Nathalie Hart, Carl Guevarra.

Directed by Emmanuel de la Cruz.

DIREK EMMA – The director, direk Emma for short, is behind such well made movies as “Slumber Party,” “Kailangan Kita,” and “Sarong Banggi.”

Aside from being director, direk Emma is also a theater and graphic artist, songwriter. He is one of the founding members of Bedbugs, an underground comics group.