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Picky eating not a healthy sign

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Picky eating is a common scenario at the dinner table in many families. Many children refuse to eat vegetables.

Others don’t want to touch fish, preferring only meats.

But, did you know that picky eating can be a sign of future anxiety or emotional woes?

According to Lindsey Tanner, AP medical writer, parents of picky eaters must take heart: New research suggests the problem is rarely worth fretting over, although in a small portion of kids it may signal emotional troubles that should be checked out.

The report continued: Preschool-aged children who are extremely selective about what they eat and dislike even being near certain foods are more likely than others to have underlying anxiety or depression, the study found. But only 3 percent of young children studied were that picky.’’

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Kids who show certain levels of pickiness were found to be almost two times more likely than others to develop anxiety symptoms within two years, the study found.

Less severe pickiness, dubbed “moderate selected eating” in the study, was found in about 18 percent of kids. These are children who will only eat a narrow range of foods.

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On the other hand, some kids who refuse to eat their vegetables are probably going through a state of “normal dislike,” according to eating disorders specialist Nancy Zucker.

Zucker is the lead author and an associate psychiatry professor at Duke University’s medical school. ‘These kids who typically outgrow their pickiness as they mature,’ the report said.

Zucker said young children with moderate pickiness are probably more likely to outgrow the problem than the severe group.

The study was published recently in the journal Pediatrics.

Picky eating is among the top concerns parents bring to his office, says Dr. Arthur Lavin, a Cleveland pediatrician.

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