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Joel Lamangan on big screen nudity


NO AND YES – Director Joel Lamangan has said it before and his saying it again.

It’s hard for actors take off their clothes. So much easier for women to disrobe. In front of camera, of course.

Joel just wrapped up “Siphayo” for Baby Go Productions Int’l, topbilled by Allan Paule, Luis Alandy, Joen Bascon, and Natalie Hart. Written by Eric Ramos, who describes “Siphayo” (meaning dismay, disappointment, despair) as erotic-drama.

The guys could only show their butts, “Ayaw ng frontal nudity. Sila na ang nagpa-plaster to cover their very private pars.” Which was not the case of the half-Australian Natalie, “Okey sa kanya ang frontal nudity. Needless to say, iningatan ko ang mga shot. Ayaw kong lumabas ng bastos.”

LUST – In “Siphayo,” three men are lusting after Natalie, the father played by Allan and his two sons, Luis and Joen.

“Tinuhog ni Natalie ang tatlong lalaki. Lahat sila may erotic love scenes with her,” Joel said.

But there was one particular daring scene with Luis inside a bathroom which reduced Natalie to tears. But Joel and line producer Dennis Evangelista explained how he’d execute the sex scene and in time she stopped crying.

“From then on wala na kaming problema. Ginawa ni Natalie ang lahat. Ang galing-galing niya.” Joel said.

And lo and behold, the Movie & Television Review & Classification Board gave “Siphayo” R-16 rating without cuts.

SEX DRAMAS – Joel Lamangan is no “stranger” to sex dramas. He’d directed a number of them, along with acclaimed films like “Flor Contemplacion” and “Bakit May Kahapon Pa,” topbilled by the great Nora Aunor.

In those sex dramas, actors like Albert Martinez, Polo Ravales, Jay Manalo, Wendell Ramos, Jomari Ylana, Joseph Bitangcol, Emilio Garcia only showed their butts. No frontal nudity. Please Oh, the exception are Danny Ramos and Marco Morales who gladly faced the camera without a stitch on.

But more daring and baring were the likes of Francine Prieto, Diana Zubiri, Glydel Mercado, Joyce Jimenez, Ara Mina, Assunta de Rossi.

And now Natalie Hart earlier known as Princess Snell, former Starstruck Avenger, now managed by Leo Dominguez.