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Lea says she never planned to quit showbiz


Broadway star Lea Salonga has said that quitting show business was never an option for her because she really loves what she’s doing.

Asked if there was a time when she wanted to quit showbiz, Salonga said: “No. May mga panahon na pagod na ako. I’m tired. But the option to quit does not enter my mind. Kasi mahal ko ito eh. Mahal ko ang industriyang ito.”

“Mahal ko yung trabaho ko, mahal ko yung mga nakakatrabaho ko. And when you really love what you do, quitting never comes into the equation,” said Salonga, during an interview for the week-long first anniversary celebration of the late primetime show “Tonight With Boy Abunda” on ABS-CBN.

Salonga, 45, said that she never had Plan B for her career because she was focused on what she was doing.
“Once my career really got going. Wala ng Plan B and Gerald (Salonga) feels the same way. It was Ryan Cayabyab who gave this piece of wisdom. To do what you do, kailangan wala kang Plan B. Kailangan ito lang,” she said.

Abunda also asked Salonga if there were other activities she wanted to pursue in showbiz.

“I don’t know because I mean initially I thought of acting and singing, occassionally to dance, to perform basically.

Parang happy na ako eh. I didn’t have any aspirations,” Salonga said.

“And then ‘The Voice’ grabs me and I become a coach on the show. And it’s like I really love doing this. I love teaching. I really love being able to share whatever I know with someone else,” she added.

Abunda also inquired Salonga about what she was like as a person.

“Pretty much the same person but with no make-up on. I don’t like to be two separate people. This is what actually Charlene Gonzales pointed out, na parang when ‘The Voice’ was starting to air, she wrote me a message and I still remember this. Now the people get to see who you are. Parang yun ang sabi nya something like that. This is the you that we know. Minsan OA, spontaneous and that’s who I am with my friends,” said the former star of “Miss Saigon.”

“When I’m on stage, I’m really serious, formal at markado lahat,” said Salonga, who will soon be seen in the Philippine production of “Fun Home” at the Carlos P. Romulo Auditorium, RCBC Plaza in Makati City from November 10 to 27.

Frank and feisty

On social media, Salonga is known for being a feisty and frank.

When quizzed on when she engages and when she ignores on social media, the singer said: “It’s a gut-feeling. When I feel like OK I can engage with this person, I feel that this will be a fruitful exchange, I engage in a conversation.

Pero pag bumaba na sa level ng insulto, I will block you, I will make you disappear from my life.”

Salonga also said that she cannot remember anymore the tweet that really got her angry.

“For every one tweet, like insulting tweet, tens more are funny. Karamihan naman sa mga nababasa kong tweet masaya, may appreciation. Even if there’s criticism, hindi nang iinsulto. Yun seseryosohin ko yun,” she pointed out.

Meeting Aga Muhlach

Salonga met actor Aga Muhlach again during a taping for the Kapamilya reality show “Pinoy Boy Band Superstar” at the Muntinlupa Sports Complex recently.

“We had a couple of guys that worked on ‘Pinoy Boy Band’ that came from ‘The Voice’ because it’s in Muntinlupa Sports Complex, malapit lang sa bahay ko, so bumista ako. All of a sudden I hear this ‘Can I call a friend?’ Sabi ko ‘Hay naku,’ “ the singer-actress said. “I think I was a little irritated that time when he called me up there. But I sincerely had fun. I had a good time.”

Salonga and Muhlach appeared together in two successful films – “Bakit Labis Kitang Mahal” in 1992 and “Sana Maulit Muli” in 1995.

Asked if she fell in love with Muhlach whole doing these movies, Salonga said: “I’m sorry. No.”

Sought to comment for a third reunion movie, Salonga said: “It will happen when it happens. I can’t give a timeline.”