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The privilege of being a husband

Dear Manay Gina,
I and my husband are both employed, full time. But when we get home, I still do housekeeping and attend to attend to the needs of our children while he parks himself in front of the TV. And whenever I ask him to help, his response is: I need to relax ‘coz I worked hard.

And I didn’t? I am not a nagging wife but I am frustrated. I’m hurt that he seems so oblivious to my need for his involvement at home. How can I get him to help me?


Dear Edna,
A great starting place is to make a list of all the household and parenting tasks. With those facts in hand, ask him where he plans to step up in ways that honor both of your needs and give your kids the kind of model they need.

And then, talk to him. Let him know that his family needs his leadership and a real model for his kids. After all, real men don’t just show up, they step up. Real men don’t let their wives do the majority of the work and whine when asked to do something. Real men want to model for their kids that marriage is more than just bringing home a paycheck. In fact, coming home from “work” is when the real work as well as the real honor and privilege of being a husband and father – begins.


Manay Gina

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“The great marriages are partnerships.”

– Helen Mirren

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