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Vietnam’s help sought in drug war

HANOI — The Philippines is seeking a stronger partnership with Vietnam in combatting illegal drugs to help attain a “better future” for the people, President Duterte declared on Wednesday.

The President has laid down his plan to boost cooperation with Vietnam not only on maritime security but also law enforcement during his two-day official visit to Vietnam.

“We shall also seek the ways to advance collaboration in the campaign against illegal drugs trade, consistent with the global of realizing an ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) Drug-Free Community,” the President said in his remarks before departing for Hanoi.

“We will work with Vietnam and the rest of the ASEAN in suppressing the proliferation of illegal drugs for us to secure a better future for our generation and the generations to come,” he added.

In his second international journey since assuming office, the Philippine leader was expected to arrive in Hanoi late Wednesday afternoon for a flurry of meetings with government and business leaders as well as the Filipino community.

His Vietnam trip is part of the new leader’s introductory tour around the region.

The President said he intends to renew the country’s friendship with Vietnam and affirm commitment to work closer to shared goals for both countries. (GENALYN KABILING)