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More to die in drive vs drugs – Duterte

HANOI – Unfazed by local and foreign criticisms on his war on illegal drugs and threats to charge him with genocide, President Duterte has threatened to “kill more” drug criminals back in the country and would “not count the dead bodies.”

The President said his bloody drug campaign would be relentless especially since the economic cost of the drugs has reached an estimated P216 billion a year.

“I have to protect the people, I have to protect the integrity, territorial or otherwise, of my country. With this kind of problem four million drug addicts, tingnan mo ngayon, namatay na, wala na, down ang crime and I intend to kill more because I have to account for these four million (drug addicts),” he said.

“The campaign against drugs in the Philippines will continue and it will be relentless and I will not count the dead bodies,” he added.

Duterte also assured he would not leave the presidency “in shame,” citing his resolve to address the country’s enormous drug problem.

“I will not go out sa pagkatapos ng termino ko at mag-iwan ako nang mabigat na problema na ang addicts now or multiply to something like 10 million. Mas mabuti pa ako na lang ang magpakulong, patayin ko na lang lahat,” he added.

“I am not a killer but if you want me to be one, so be it. There will be no problem. A lot of – improving a lot of new cemeteries, they call it a park heavenly – here was one heavenly mga something, heavenly place, you go there,” he said. (Genalyn D. Kabiling)